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The Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, a Michigan personal injury law firm, litigates on behalf of the injured in personal injury cases.

Why the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner?
If you or someone you love suffers an injury, the first and most important decision you must make is which lawyer you want to represent you.

Howard J. Radner has been representing Michigan's injury victims for more than thirty years and has collected millions of dollars in damages for his clients. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, we only represent victims of injuries, never big insurance companies.

We deal with you directly
This may come as a surprise, but many personal injury lawyers will never actually speak with you directly. Instead they have an associate, clerk, or paralegal meet with and interview potential clients. Some personal injury lawyers refer many, or sometimes most of their cases to other attorneys rather than work on them personally. When you call the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, we will personally help you with your legal needs.

Individual attention
We understand that legal proceedings can be extremely intimidating, over-whelming, and unclear. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, we have a reputation of meeting with each of our clients to ensure that you understand where you case is holding and where it is going. We explain everything and advise our clients every step of the way, and never make any important decisions without our clients' approval.

Free consultation
We will meet with you in a hospital, at our office, or at your home or office for a free no obligation consultation. During this free consultation, we will explain your legal options to you and determine together the best course of action to take. Regardless of whether we represent you or not, the consultation will always remain completely free.

We don't get paid if you don't get paid
When you retain the services of the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, you do not pay us a penny unless we collect damages for you. There is no way around this since the only time we ever get paid is AFTER we collect damages for you. You never pay us out-of-pocket attorneys' fees since the only payment we get is a percentage of the damages we collect for you. This accomplishes two things for our clients:

  1. It ensures that we will fight on your behalf for every penny you deserve
  2. It ensures that you will never incur expensive attorneys' fees which you may not be able to afford.

Dedication to our clients
We understand what you are going through when you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious of an injury. We also understand how scary a lawsuit can be. At the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, we only represent victims of injuries and we make sure that it's as painless and easy as possible for our clients, while we do the dirty work on your behalf. We are dedicated to our clients and we will get you every penny you deserve.

Great attorney-client communication
When you retain the Law Offices of Howard J. Radner, we will always keep you well informed of what is happening with your case and what your best course of action. We are honest with our clients and return calls and emails promptly. When you leave us a voicemail or an email, we will contact you ASAP.

Equal footing with large insurance companies
Insurance companies will fight to avoid paying out large settlements. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will try to avoid paying even if they know they are in fact legally obligated to pay. Insurance companies have big legal departments with experienced lawyers who know the system and know how to help insurance companies avoid paying whenever possible. Therefore, you need an experienced lawyer who can fight for you to protect your rights.

Howard J. Radner has over thirty years of experience fighting big insurance cpmpanies and their big legal departments and winning big.

Maximize your damages award
Very often, victims of injuries are entitled to benefits they would not have known about without an experienced attorney fighting for them. Insurance companies will often try to deal with victims directly to avoid paying as much as they know they are legally responsible to pay. However, b signing such an agreement, victims may be barring themselves from collecting the amount to which they are actually entitled. You have the right to an attorney and you need an experienced attorney.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an injury, call us immediately at 1-800-I-SUE-BIG (1-800-478-3244) or email us using the email submission form at the side of this page.